A "Hogben" Coat of Arms

Blazon: Ermine, a cross patonce azure

Motto: "Candidus at viriles" ("Upright and strong")

This is what I understand to be the arms granted in 1612 to 'Baron LYMINGE' at London in the reign of James I. (Records indicate that 'Baron Lyminge' at the time was William Hogben, who was born in 1587, who was 'Mayor of Folkeston' in 1626, and who had succeeded his father as the 21st Baron Lyminge. He had two sons and a daughter; they lived at Old Rebus, Lyminge.)

Note: under English law, no one may use, or "bear", a coat of arms except the person to whom they were granted and their direct male-line descendants. For example, I myself may not use them since I am descended from the 8th Baron but not the 21st. The diagram is provided for information only.

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Last updated 6 April 1997

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